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Between east and west

Turkey is a captivating mix between ancient and modern. A place with a lot to offer: history, culture, art, nature and gastronomy.

Do you want to know the authentic Turkish lifestyle?

A fascinating country where there is so much to do and to know: magnificent beaches, historical and religious places, entertainment and nightlife, World Heritage sites and much more. As a bridge between Europe and Asia, Turkey is an example of diversity, but above all, Turkey is a large open-air museum, a record of all civilizations scattered throughout all the Anatolian lands.

Do you dream with a balloon ride through the sky of Cappadocia? Does your mouth water when you imagine the spicy aromas of the Grand Bazaar? Would you like to vibrate with a Turkish belly dance experience?

A country for all tastes

Hospitality, above all.

The entry of the Turks in the field of tourism is relatively recent and if there is something that characterizes them is their great tradition of hospitality. Nowadays, although Turkey already has excellent tourist infrastructures, the main motivation of most Turks is still to welcome everyone who visits them with unspoiled honesty and kindness.

A country of multiple religions

The variety of religious buildings and sacred places found in Turkey is surprising: temples dedicated to ancient Gods, churches of many denominations, synagogues and, of course, mosques. The different civilizations that have been happening one after another during a period of 11,500 years have left their unique legacy. Thus, Islam, Christianity and Judaism coexist in harmony.


Turkey Experiences

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